We're running lots of FreeBSD10 VM's  under Xenserver 6.2, and using FreeNas
9.X for iscsi storage. Note, none of the VM's see iSCSI - just the
hypervisors see it to create their storage repositories.


We've noticed an ongoing issue with recovery from crashes or issues with the
NAS. This doesn't happen often at all, but the nas will reboot about once a


Windows VM's seem to recover fine. FreeBSD, not so much. The pattern seems
to be that if the NAS holding the SR's for the hypervisor reboots, when the
freebsd vm's come up that have just one virtual disk (boot), it complains
about unclean shutdown and fsck needs to be run. No problem, running fsck
fixes it. However, if the freebsd vm has two virtual disks (boot and data),
the first one (say, ada0) complains about unclean shutdown and fsck will fix
it. But the second disk (say, ada1) is not found. All we get is "can't stat
/dev/ada1p1" or somesuch, and /dev/ad1 is missing from /dev.


This seems to be a pretty consistent failure mode. We've tried to detach the
data disk and attach it to a different VM - but no joy.


1)      Anyone have any idea why FreeBSD seems so affected and Windows

2)      Any ideas as to how to (non-destructively) get /dev/ada1 back so we
can try to access the data?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.



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