El 04/12/14 a les 3.27, David P. Discher ha escrit:
> So, the “working” part … the hypervisor up, and Dom0 running, is correct.
> However, after ~5 minutes, the AHCI buses timeout.  This seems to be 
> constantly 
> reproducible via Dom0.  FreeBSD on the this bare metal does’t have this issue.

If you boot Xen with iommu=debug, do you see any messages on the Xen

My test boxes also use AHCI, but the chipset is not exactly the same
(mine is ICH8, yours is ICH10). Do you do anything specific to trigger
the timeout, or just leaving Dom0 in an idle state also triggers this?

Could you switch to the Xen console and post the output of the "i" debug
key when this happens?

Also, you can try to play with the AHCI driver sysctls, to see if some
of them have any effect. I would recommend trying to disable MSI
interrupts (hint.ahci.X.msi=0) and power control (hint.ahcich.X.pm_level=0).


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