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> Hello,
> El 04/12/14 a les 3.27, David P. Discher ha escrit:
>> So, the “working” part … the hypervisor up, and Dom0 running, is correct.
>> However, after ~5 minutes, the AHCI buses timeout.  This seems to be 
>> constantly 
>> reproducible via Dom0.  FreeBSD on the this bare metal does’t have this 
>> issue.
> If you boot Xen with iommu=debug, do you see any messages on the Xen
> console?
> My test boxes also use AHCI, but the chipset is not exactly the same
> (mine is ICH8, yours is ICH10). Do you do anything specific to trigger
> the timeout, or just leaving Dom0 in an idle state also triggers this?
> Could you switch to the Xen console and post the output of the "i" debug
> key when this happens?
> Also, you can try to play with the AHCI driver sysctls, to see if some
> of them have any effect. I would recommend trying to disable MSI
> interrupts (hint.ahci.X.msi=0) and power control (hint.ahcich.X.pm_level=0).

Yes, ICH10. I’m not sure if an idle Dom0 does this, however limited access to 
the disks, even just editing things like /boot/loader.conf and /etc/rc.conf 
will eventually hang.  But I’m also trying to launch a DomU, and for the 
convince of a documented process, I’m following your debian steps … and the 
debian installer is running.   I’m running a zpool mirror across 4k aligned GPT 
partitions for the root drive.  I’ll also attempt to break break the mirror, as 
I don’t remember this being a problem with a single drive. 

As first step last night, I actually moved the msi interrupts to = 2, instead 
of fully disabled.  And this helped a little.  It seemed to allow the AHCI 
driver to recovered after the first several timeouts.   I will try disabling 
MSI as well and well as iommu debug.  However, I’m still without a Xen console. 
Durning the ACPI/pci probing … my console over SOL com3 cuts out. I haven’t try 
to recover it yet.  I will see what I can do.  However, from what it looks 
like, Xen kernel is latching on the com port, and freebsd sees it as “busy”.   
I’ll see what I can figure out.  I believe the pm_level is default to 0, but 
will double check that.

David P. Discher
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