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Bug 241219: x11-wm/xfce4-wm: FreeBSD Update Causes XFCE Screensavers Causes
User Forced Reboots

--- Description ---
I have logged this issue against x11-wm/xfce4-wm as it is the only package that
was in the "pkg upgrade" 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC that I can guess as the
package causing the bug.  If this is an incorrect guess for ports package as
cause then for certain the bug "Summary" will need to be changed to reflect the
ports package causing the issue once confirmed as the source of the bug.

Since doing a FreeBSD "pkg upgrade" 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC both
x11/xfce4-screensaver and x11/xscreensaver fail in exact same manner resulting
in user having to force a system reboot or power cycle the system.

The last 'pkg upgrade" done was 02 October 2019 0326+000 UTC where both
x11/xfce4-screensaver and x11/xscreensaver behaved as expected.

The bug is identical for both x11/xfce4-screensaver and x11/xscreensaver.  The
bug is when either screensaver activates to black screen (current
configurations for both) neither mouse nor keyboard activity results in the
dialog box appearing asking for user password to unlock the screen.  Both have
been extensively tested and always fail exactly as described.
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