On Mon, 5 Feb 2007, Daniel Markstedt wrote:
But that's beside the point. Freeciv 2.2 won't be out for years.
Should 2.1 users be left without a map editor? It will certainly be
the bane for Freeciv 2.1 as a platform for scenario creation.

Can the editor code be easily backported to S2_1?

The map editor was IIRC the one feature we decided should be decisive for releasing 2.2, which means, once it was done, we should release. There are no very big changes in 2.2 that sets it apart from 2.1 other than this, from what I remember (perhaps apart from the generalized movement code?).

There are also some very nice new mod-friendly features in 2.2, that should make 2.2 a good release for making Freeciv a good mod-platform.

I believe that forward porting civworld, or finishing then backporting the map editor, would be tasks taking equal or greater time than merely finishing the map editor then releasing 2.2. Now if we could only find someone with the time to do this...

  - Per

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