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> Eleazar added the comment below to this ticket. Forwarding it to the
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>  ~Daniel
>> [guest - Wed Feb 14 02:34:57 2007]:
>> Hi, this is Eleazar.
>> OK, i don't fully understand how your terrain engine works, but i
>> believe, i can offer a
>> solution that will work more simply.  This idea would also easily
>> support additional ocean
>> terrains if needed.
>> The problem is the convergence of land, shallow and deep water.
>> Specifically blending the
>> coastline into whatever is happening with the water.
>> In order:
>> 1) deep and shallow ocean tiles are laid down.  They can blend with
>> each other using
>> whatever method.
>> 2) Partially transparent coast transitions tiles are laid over the
>> ocean.  Different versions
>> might be used when the adjacent land is tundra.  The coastal trans,
>> images are fully opaque
>> in the dry-land portions, but the under-water portion fades toward
>> full transparency further
>> from shore.  This would allow the coast to blend seamlessly with the
>> ocean floor no matter
>> how the floor was constructed.
>> 3) Land tiles are drawn as normal.

That can work fine, if you can get the graphics to work together
properly.  Is it simpler? Probably, though the method of drawing is a
bit complicated with several sprites being drawn on top of each other.

Using my suggested engine does have a significant advantage though in
that the 81 sprites mean there is a lot more variety in the coastline
that you can add.  Rather than combinations of the current 32 graphics,
each possible terrain combination can be given its own look.  This of
course has its own disadvantage in that someone has to actually draw the

Also, the current system is unacceptable IMO in that the 'transition'
between ocean and deep-ocean colors is well inside the deep-ocean
terrain.  It should instead happen right on the border.  This could be
handled using blended graphics instead of what's there now...but again
with 81 graphics you can add a lot more variety.


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