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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Feb 15 00:49:39 2007]:

> >> Hi, this is Eleazar.
> >> OK, i don't fully understand how your terrain engine works, but i
> >> believe, i can offer a
> >> solution that will work more simply.  This idea would also easily
> >> support additional ocean
> >> terrains if needed.

I made a mock-up of your system just by erasing some of the graphics in
the current coasts and fiddling with the tilespec.

See screenshot:

And amplio tarball:

Problem is this basically forces you to give up blending for ocean
graphics.  You can still use cell graphics for ocean/deep borders (which
I don't use) but you can't use blending along the coastlines - the
reason being that such blending has to take place both between ocean and
land (where the 'green' ocean1 graphic has to be used, now replaced) and
between ocean and ocean (where it would have to use the base graphic).

This could...maybe...be solved by using per-layer blending settings.


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