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 I have finally made those changes :) It is not going to change any
default behavior.
 It just will be useful for people, who are adding their own flags at
a build stage.
 The rule is applied only in case there is no PNG files or they have
an earlier modification
 date than SVG file.

Thanks, Daniil.

Index: data/flags/Makefile.am
--- data/flags/Makefile.am	(revision 12837)
+++ data/flags/Makefile.am	(working copy)
@@ -582,3 +582,6 @@
 pkgdata_DATA = $(flag_files) $(shield_files)
 EXTRA_DIST = $(pkgdata_DATA) $(svg_files) credits convert_png mask.png
+%.png %-shield.png : %.svg
+	./convert_png $<
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