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Jason Short wrote:
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>> Well, the patch can be easily be modified to send 'TILE_UNKNOWN'
>> instead, for the case when the tile is seen by a city, but unknown.
>> A *seen* tile is allowed to be *unknown* according to a comment in
>> server/maphand.c, starting at line 810 on the SVN head revision, which I
>> quote here:
> A tile can be known but not seen.  In this case the tile should be
> marked as TILE_UNKNOWN in the player tile, NOT as TILE_KNOWN_FOGGED.

No, a known but unseen tile *should* be marked as TILE_KNOWN_FOGGED. The 
code already does this, and my patch does not change this.

Anyway, I modified the patch as I said I would, so that unknown but seen 
tiles are marked as TILE_UNKNOWN now. I tested it, and it works fine. 
The revised patch is attached to this message.

> What is a bit tricky is that map_get_seen can
> return TRUE for unknown tiles

That is precisely the case the patch deals with, since it wasn't being 
dealt with before.

>>>> P.S. Send future reports to the bug tracker.
>> I *did* send the *report* to the tracker. Are you asking me to only send
>> future *patches* for open/new tickets to the tracker and not the list?
>> Do you want me to create a new ticket for each patch, like you
>> apparently did to respond to my earlier message?
> You sent the report to the tracker then sent the patch to the list. 

Part of the reason for this was to make sure that I could actually post 
to the list, if needed. :-)


Index: server/maphand.c
--- server/maphand.c    (revision 12916)
+++ server/maphand.c    (working copy)
@@ -475,10 +475,10 @@
               && map_get_seen(ptile, pplayer, V_MAIN) == 0) {
       struct player_tile *plrtile = map_get_player_tile(ptile, pplayer);
-      info.known = TILE_KNOWN_FOGGED;
-      info.type = plrtile->terrain->index;
+      info.known = plrtile->terrain ? TILE_KNOWN_FOGGED : TILE_UNKNOWN;
+      info.type = plrtile->terrain ? plrtile->terrain->index : -1;
       for (spe = 0; spe < S_LAST; spe++) {
-       info.special[spe] = BV_ISSET(plrtile->special, spe);
+        info.special[spe] = BV_ISSET(plrtile->special, spe);
       info.resource = plrtile->resource ? plrtile->resource->index : -1;
       info.continent = ptile->continent;
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