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Jason Short wrote:

> For the immediate bug, the problem is that a player tile is being marked
> as known (in map_set_known most likely) but the terrain for that tile is
> not being set (remaining NULL).  Offhand I cannot see how this can happen.
> really_give_tile_info_from_player_to_player is very suspicious however.
> Is there really no way to reproduce this?

Well, as I mentioned in an addendum to the bug report, the crash will 
also happen when unsharing vision, since the same function, in which the 
crash occurs, is called then too. Basically, if one runs the saved game 
for a few more turns some of the AIs will decide they don't like having 
their vision shared with one another through an intermediary (the AI 
with Marco Polo's embassy), and the crash will happen during unsharing 
of vision.

However, according to your viewpoint, this would only be reproducing the 
symptom of the underlying problem. Not knowing Freeciv's vision code 
well enough yet, I am not ready to hold a stake out for a deeper culprit 
with assertions or a debugger at this point.


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