I am thinking about working on an Ogre3D GUI for freeciv. I've been
looking over the code in freeciv/freeciv/client/gui-* and think I
might be able to develop something nice.

My question is, if I develop it, will it be accepted? I noted that
freeciv has been written in mostly pure C. This is no problem for me,
as C++ and C interface with each other nicely. I would certainly make
the Ogre3d client an option (enabled with --enable-client=ogre3d) or
something so that no one would be forced to use it or to install the
Ogre3d libraries.

I have approximately a 3 month break from school this summer and think
that I could spend it creating a freeciv UI that I like better than
the current UIs (I like to play freeciv in a single player mode, and
prefer a UI that is attractive and enjoyable over a UI that is
effective and powerful).

Thank you for your time,
James Steven Supancic III

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