All right, I finished my semester finals now, and can start to focus
in on this project.

> What do you plan on using for GUI?
I was thinking about Ogre3D and perhaps CEGUI for a 2d windowing system.

Now, I was talking about creating a new UI, not a new client. Note
that in freeciv/client/ there are numerous gui subdirectories. It
looks to me like there is a quasi-standard interface that the client
uses to call the GUI to do various things (and the GUI can make calls
into the main client objects as well to get extra information).  C++
and C objects can be linked together as far as I know... so this
shouldn't be a problem (use g++ and gcc to build objects, than link
them with ld...)?

Creating an entirely new client would duplicate a lot of work... the
current freeciv client looks like it does a good enough job and the
interface is reasonable. Would it be an error to attempt to build a
C++ UI over the C client?

Now, I was thinking about generating terrain elevation data from data
the client has.
I have read and I am aware of the
issues involved.

The only thing I'm not really sure about in all of this is autotools.
In the past I've just used GNU Make for all my projects =P

Thank you for your time,
James Steven Supancic III

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