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With so many previous attempts, it seemed prudent to split off my effort
for water into a separate ticket, so that they can cross reference.

This is a more extensive consolidation.

water (formerly ' '):
   + fresh lake (higher elevation, has river to ocean)
   - salt sea (lower elevation, no river to ocean)

   . coast
   , shelf
   : floor (deep)
   ; trench (abyss)

   ^ ridge
   ! vents

This will incorporate an automatic technique for converting existing
savefiles into the new types, by detecting ' ' (space) as "water",
and determining fresh water lakes, salt water seas, with oceanic coast,
shelf, and floor (deep).

Note that whales are moved away from coast onto shelf (civ3, CTP).  And
there are no whales for inland lakes and seas.

Note that shelf can still abut arctic/glacier ice, although not next to
other shores.  Floor (deep) and trench (abyss) are not next to any shore.

There are placeholders for ridges and trenches and vents, but no code
(yet) to generate them.  They all need underwater mountain-like graphics.

The reason for separate symbols for fresh water lakes and salt water seas
is to simplify the civ3 irrigation calculations that require fresh water.

This could also eliminate a lot of "safe" coastal testing, as it is done
once at conversion/generation and saved.


This patch adds the first pass at revised water to the terrain rules
(default only).  The current revision 12965 has some support for deep, so
tile definitions are not changed yet.

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