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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
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> On Sun, 27 May 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
>> Pass 4 matches the revised amplio graphics.
> What is the purpose of all these new ocean types (trench, vent, etc.) in 
> the game, and why are you adding them to the civ1/civ2 rulesets (they 
> clearly did not have them)?
Otherwise, loading the savegames will blow up.  New terrain identifiers
have to be properly handled, even where (as in this case) they are just
mapped to the same tile for display.

We could build an equivalence mapping file, but it seemed simpler to me
to add them to the (few) rulesets.  It's just a datafile, too....

Unless you would prefer numerous extra configuration tests to world
generation, game loading/saving, etc, depending on the ruleset? ;-)

> I am all in favour of adding the deep/shallow distinction, but for the 
> others ones I am not sure what role they play. Is it for better graphics?
The deep/shallow distinction both helped the (previously non-working)
shelf edge graphic, and in civ3 there are "seafaring" ships that can
travel coast and shelf, but not deep ocean.

Civ3 has volcanos.  They erupt.

In other civ related games, the ridges and floor are useful city sites.
And have extra resources.  They don't appear until after Oil discovery,
but that seems harder to implement for a first pass.  (I called them
"oceanic vents" -- which actually covers more -- to distinguish them
from land volcanoes and the future tile graphic; but should be easier for
translators than details of oceanography and mid-ocean ridge processes.)

In short, I'm trying to cover all known game possibilities, even where
they aren't yet used, to avoid future data file conflicts.

Finally, I'm hoping the result will look like "Google map", where this
stuff is all clearly visible these days to the layman! :-)

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