Wow... finaly got it kinda working... I launched a civserver through  
command line and could connect and start a game (build city,  
irrigation, move, enter huts, etc...), I just had a crash when trying  
to open unit info panel... The SDL client is very nice looking!  
(didn't test sound, is it working? because the option is dim out here).

By the way, I found how to "properly" use DEFAULT_DATA_PATH (and let  
FREECIV_PATH alone)^^ now I must link the embedded civserver  
(hints?)! And I just found a definition for "readline" so I guess  
this option is pretty useless in this build (or does it serve kinda  
client-server operations? I doubt it but as I don't precisely know, a  
confirmation wuld be nice).

Fact is the HAVE_CONFIG_H doesn't keep it defined value through .c  
code files on compile (surely an option I didn't check in Xcode) so I  
changed all headers needing it accordingly and it seems that headers  
order has importance especialy when "config.h" is involved. I guess  
most errors came from that.

It's very nice to have a Cocoa SDL (though X11 was fine too), thanks  
to the SDL team!


P.-S. I hope I'm not disturbing the serenity of the list by posting  
my findings ( there are questions as well, newby ones mostly sorry  
for that).

Le 16 juin 07 à 22:02, mecanography a écrit :

> SDL options not working was the result of a #?! after switching  
> screen resolution, now they are working fine.
> I removed my civserver framework and copy and compile code from  
> utility and common (except utility/ftwl which was not needed) and  
> still got that error :
> packets_gen.c:1142: failed assertion `pc->phs.variant != NULL'
> Anyone got an idea why this fail?
> and any idea on how to define $(datarootdir) in config.h or  
> anywhere outside a Makefile?
> Le 16 juin 07 à 17:28, mecanography a écrit :
>> Hello list,
>> I finaly had another look at the code and fix some stuffs, so I  
>> got it running !
>> I need to change the default data path to the Xcode bundle one  
>> (but alas the DEFAULT_DATA_PATH doesn't seem to do anything, so if  
>> anyone got hint on how to set default data path outside of  
>> Makefile...) and be able to launch the server automaticaly (seems  
>> the framework approach wasn't good I got a
>> packets_gen.c:1142: failed assertion `pc->phs.variant != NULL'
>> when trying to join a local command line civserver).
>> Also is it normal that I can only change screen resolution options  
>> and no other one in the SDL client?
>> cheers

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