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Christian Knoke wrote:
> svn update
> ./autogen.sh
> make
> su -c "make install"
> civclient
> ~$ which civclient
> /usr/local/bin/civclient
Thank you, very helpful.  The major difference between your test and my test:
I'm running in the build directory with ./civ, not an install directory.

However, when I "make install" (in my local test directory), there are still
no errors in loading rulesets.  The civclient won't execute civserver, while
civserver doesn't seem to find ~/.freeciv/saves, but those are probably
different issues....  Both load the rulesets!

So, I've updated the verbose logging.  If you would kindly update to r13003,
run with verbose, and post the log (or a relevant excerpt), that should
pinpoint any problems.

civserver --log server.log --debug 3
civclient --log client.log --debug 3

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