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As I was looking for similar reports, I discovered that you've been
reporting the same Ocean problem since beta 1....

   #16078: Beta1: civclient crash on game load

   SVN 2.1 22 MAR 2006 GTK2 Linux

   civclient crashes with a segmaentation fault on loading the
   attached save game (and HEAD does as well).

   civlient -d 3 says:

   3: Don't have graphics tags a.writing or - for tech_type Schrift
   3: Don't have graphics tags t.ocean1 or for tile_type Ozean
   Speicherzugriffsfehler (core dumped)


   Starting civserver seperately avoids the crash.

That's classic sign of an uninitialized pointer!  (The location moves
depending on the other applications loaded.)


   (PR#16007) Beta1: civclient crash on game load

   (PR#16101) Beta1: civclient crash on game load

   (PR#16103) Beta1: civclient crash on game load

Meanwhile, it was also diagnosed with another problem (nationgroups)
that was fixed.  Sometimes multiple problems mask each other.

Now, my improved error logging catches the missing ocean graphic.

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