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On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, Ulrik Sverdrup wrote:
> The previous "attempt" is very well designed and aims at removing
> game.info.year, and drive everything with turns. Well designed and we
> should have that as goal. However, this requires porting effort for
> every client and is more intrusive.
> My view was to first accept that we have a year-based timeline that
> can run from a negative start year to a positive end year. We still
> send the year as an int to the client each turn, etc.
> This is a more of an internal change in the server, not an "API"
> change, and should be easier. That way of fixing just the timeline
> speedup abstraction could be handled just inside game.c's
> game_next_year and the rulesets and effects files.*
> *However I realize that a year-based effect requirement requires some
> development on effects code and might not even be easy.
> I just want maintainer okays and design decisions, so that it is known
> what we want to achieve so we can start implementing it.

I am fine with both approaches. Do not worry about leaving clients than 
gtk2 and SDL broken, and for SDL we have an active client maintainer who I 
am sure can help out.

   - Per

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