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Hello freeciv-dev

I have worked on this yesterday and today and I'm mostly done with the
first parts. So far I have coded against trunk and written up some
documentation for the changes. I'll clean it up and post the work when
I have time on thursday.

What I have is just using effects to be able to customize the
calendar. Converting to only turns will wait until later; as it is
currently that would require a replay of the full game to load a
savegame and calculate the current year (know when the space module
techs were found etc) and such hackery. To avoid that, I'm only doing
this relatively minor change.

## Change summary ##

Add `startyear` server option
Add `YearGte` requirement type "year greater or equal"
Add `Slow_Down_Timeline` effect to slow down normal calender
  the old slow down renamed to `Slow_Down_Timeline_2`
Modify `game_next_year` in game.c
Modify default ruleset and documentation


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