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Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your report! I will try to address your issues below:

On 11/22/07,  <> wrote:
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> Hello,
> My name is Christopher Spiewak. I have a MacBook intel chip set, running
> Apples Leopard. I have been running version 2.1. I have found that the
> game is very right click dependent. Not having a right clicker this is a
> problem. I do know you can use the cities tab, but this is not as great.

You can simulate a right-click by holding down the command (apple) key
and clicking. A middle-click can be performed by holding alt and

> I have been running the game in OS X and on BootCamp Windows XP. In
> Leopard it first has to run X11 (which I do know is not your guys's
> problem). But on a Mac it looks wrong. The attached file is a pic. of
> what it looks like in Leopard. I have not changed the pic. The arrows
> are really cyan.

This looks like a bug in the theme and/or theme engine. After the game
has started, try going to Game>Local Options>Theme and change to
another theme in the dropdown.

> Christopher Spiewak
> P.S. I think it would look better without the command line.

The command line is needed in the pregame screen since not all server
options or commands are available in the gui. It can also be used to
chat with other connected users.

Best regards,

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