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William Allen Simpson wrote:
> ==12774==  Address 0x5391ca0 is 0 bytes inside a block of size 76 free'd
> ==12774==    at 0x402365C: free (vg_replace_malloc.c:323)
> ==12774==    by 0x80E6669: reality_check_city (citytools.c:1792)
>        playtile->site = NULL;
>        free(pdcity);
This goes back to the very reason that the border code was re-written!
   (PR#39830) border expansion acquires destroyed city

In PR#39830, I'd tweaked the test without changing the logic (because the
problem was elsewhere):

-    if (!pcity || (pcity && pcity->id != pdcity->id)) {
+    if (!pcity || pcity->id != pdcity->identity) {

Note that the second pcity was logically redundant.

But I missed another problem with the test, a problem that goes back years!
It may explain many bug reports!  And the corrupted savegames!

       dlsend_packet_city_remove(pplayer->connections, pdcity->identity);
       playtile->site = NULL;

For the first clause (!pcity), sending city_remove should be OK.

But the second clause (pcity->id != pdcity->identity) is absolutely wrong.
There's still a city there, we shouldn't be freeing the dummy city, nor
telling the client to remove its city.  Have to look further, but it seems
that we need to *update* the city, instead.

Now I have to look at all 10 calls to reality_check_city()....

Also, determine how the city id might change.  Building another city in the
same place?

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