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> [wsimpson - Mon Feb 25 04:19:53 2008]:
> This appears to be wrong. This might set client.playing for
> observer, which would violate quite a bit of existing logic.

Yes, I was afraid of something like that. So what are the
semantics of client.playing? Is it supposed to be NULL
when the client is an observer (unlike aconnection.player
apparently) and during pregame before the user has picked
his nation and set his player name? What then is supposed
to be passed to popup_races_dialog? I admit it is fairly
confusing to me.
> It should not be possible for an observer to pick a nation.
> Is that what you tried?

No, I just connected to a server running on my local
machine and tried to start the game (incidentally doing
it this way the "Start" button is also inactive, which
might indicate that there is some deeper problem).

> I have examined all instances of send_conn_info(), and
> with one exception,
> they seem to come after send_player_info() -- which
> is how client.playing
> is set.  Please post the exact commands that you send.

1. Start a server process (e.g. with ./ser in the build

2. Start a client process (e.g. with "./civ -a"
in the build directory).

3. Client started in (2) connects to the server started
in (1).

4. Now as the client, press the button labelled "Pick Nation".

5. The races (a.k.a. nations) dialog pops-up.

6. Click any nation in the list (e.g. Assyrian).

7. The button labelled "Ok" becomes active.

8. Press the button labelled "Ok".

9. The assertion failure occurs.

> And have you tested with any previous version? 

No, only branch S2_2.

> Nothing in any recent patch (that I'm aware of) would affect
> this sequence.  It might be helpful to figure out how long
> this has been a problem....

A few weeks ago branch S2_2 did not experience this assertion
failure. As I was using it in this exact manner for working
on the editor.

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