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On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 11:15 PM, William Allen Simpson
>  > It would seem to make more sense to change aconnection
>  > .player to client.playing in the above (or the converse
>  > ;)). It looks like some incomplete conversion when both
>  > occur in the code like this.
>  >
>  And yet Per chose to split the functionality.

I do not recall doing any such thing. It is not the code that I have
typically worked on. Generally I did not touch the client if I could
avoid it.

>  > I agree this is a curious change. What is the intended
>  > difference in use of aconnection.player and game.player_ptr?

I have no idea.

Book wrote:
>  > Hi Per, can you help us to understand? (I know you are
>  > reading this :)))).

Sorry, I do not read most threads on this list anymore. If you want my
comments on something, you may have to notify me privately.

  - Per

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