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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sam. Mar. 29 10:01:13 2008]:
> On 24/03/2008, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> >
> >   With #40166 fixing server crash, scenario load now ends to client
> >  crash.
>  Actually, this is not limited to scenario load. Same happens quite
> often for any savegame load. (scenario load crashes always, otherwise
> I don't know exact limitations to reproducibility) Loading savegame
> via commandline parameter "-f" - or otherwise before client connects -
> might be required for crash to happen.
>  - ML

It seems linked with the new code that forbid partially detached
connections, doesn't it?

Else, as I reported long time ago, loading game when many players are
connected to the server make the gtk client crashing. If you have
patience to read and understand PR#39615, patches for many problems with 
gtk connection list are available in PR#39614. Enjoy

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