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On 10/04/2008, Ulrik Sverdrup wrote:
>  data/scenario/hagworld-120x60-v1.2.sav:server_state=2

 This means that hargworld is not scenario at all (in the Freeciv
internal terminology)

>  That is about as much of a clue I have. It seems this issue is pretty tricky

 I think there's several bugs involved. All players being set under AI
is no way restricted to scenario games. Not sending enough information
for detached players is second problem.

 It seems that main bug here is that (correct) rulesets are not sent
when loading scenario game. Sending of rulesets was recently reduced,
and I'm afraid it took away some necessary sends:
 1. Long time ago rulesets were loaded and sent when game started. At
this point we know which rulesets game is going to use, so we can send
*correct* rulesets.
 2. At some point another ruleset loading was added to server start
and rulesets were sent to client when they connect. I'm not aware of
the exact reasons for this change. Presumably there was some problems
when server/client had no rulesets at all. This uses default ruleset,
which often is correct one but not always. I call these rulesets
 3. It seems that recent change took away sending of the *correct*
rulesets (When that  change was discussed, I assumed it would take
away sending of the dummies)

 - ML

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