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2008/5/4 Jason Dorje Short:
>  This is not a bug in freeciv.  If you use a non-universal character set
>  on your command line then freeciv will simply be unable to display some
>  characters.  We can try to fudge it using transliteration but
>  iconv/glibc support for that is pretty varied.  The real solution is to
>  use utf-8 for your command line charset.

 It might be bug that there *is* conversion to ISO-8859-1.
 I though that this conversion cannot be internal encoding -> local
encoding thing. Commandline should be UTF8. It is possible that it's
not set at all in the actual Freeciv server environment launched from

 Found two uses for ISO-8869-1 in Freeciv 2.1 codebase.
 1) data encoding
 2) fallback local encoding
      /* HACK: use latin1 instead of ascii in typical cases when the
       * encoding is unconfigured. */
      local_encoding = "ISO-8859-1";

 Latter probably explains my problem.

 Should we change this fallback to UTF-8 for 2.2 (S2_2) or 2.3 (TRUNK)?

 - ML

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