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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sun May 04 09:50:59 2008]:
> 2008/5/4 Jason Dorje Short:
> >
> >  This is not a bug in freeciv.  If you use a non-universal character set
> >  on your command line then freeciv will simply be unable to display some
> >  characters.  We can try to fudge it using transliteration but
> >  iconv/glibc support for that is pretty varied.  The real solution is to
> >  use utf-8 for your command line charset.
>  It might be bug that there *is* conversion to ISO-8859-1.
>  I though that this conversion cannot be internal encoding -> local
> encoding thing. Commandline should be UTF8. It is possible that it's
> not set at all in the actual Freeciv server environment launched from
> cron.
>  Found two uses for ISO-8869-1 in Freeciv 2.1 codebase.
>  1) data encoding
>  2) fallback local encoding
>       /* HACK: use latin1 instead of ascii in typical cases when the
>        * encoding is unconfigured. */
>       local_encoding = "ISO-8859-1";
>  Latter probably explains my problem.
>  Should we change this fallback to UTF-8 for 2.2 (S2_2) or 2.3 (TRUNK)?

You can try it and see if it works.  But my understanding is that when
the locale is unconfigured (i.e. left at "C" in older distributions
before utf-8 became standard) it's actually ascii or latin1 and any
attempt to print utf-8 to the console will give garbage.  If terminal
software is better now and itself defaults to utf-8, then perhaps we
could default there too.  Perhaps it would even be possible to find the
default of the terminal in that case.  Or perhaps we should default just
to ascii and get the transliteration to improve.


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