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>   - introduce and use a const p_dummy_tile; this attempts to mitigate the
>    pointer aliasing introduced by my change, but the result looks a
>    little awkward;

 The reason to have two separate variables to access dummy tile is not
that the second one is pointer, but the added security of the const.
So I suggest you name this variable const_dummy_tile instead of

 Can you make version for other branches (S2_2 and TRUNK) too?


 I also noticed that there's rather theoretical problem that ruleset
has irrigation or farmland requirement in some other range than tile
itself (currently only other possibility is 'adjacent'). In that case
city center tile is not considered irrigated. Then again, it's not
even clear what the correct behavior in such case should be - we can
very well decide that current behavior is correct one. You cannot use
automatic irrigation as source for effects outside the city, but need
real irrigation for that.

 - ML

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