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2008/5/18 jacobn:
> I don't see an easy way out of this, unless the policy of using pointer
> comparison is reversed. Temporarily modifying the tile in-place seems
> evil (especially as the comments for city_tile_output() make it clear
> that it can be called speculatively).

 Ouch, I didn't realize that this would be affected by  "you can have
legal objects in certain memory location only". This is not the first
time it causes trouble, and sooner or later it has to be solved.

> I shan't attempt to port to the trunk until this issue with S2_2 is
> resolved.

 That's definitely sensible decision (even though S2_2 and TRUNK are
almost identical and chances are that S2_2 patch applies cleanly to
TRUNK). Actually, I were waiting for these patches so I could commit
fix to all branches at the same time, but with this pointer problem I
think I'll first make the S2_1 commit only. We want it to S2_1 fast,
so it will get some testing there before 2.1.5 release.

 - ML

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