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Madeline Book wrote:
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>> [dmarks - Sun Jun 22 08:27:57 2008]:
>> Did you sort out the licensing of these gfx? I see it has been
>> added to svn but is still lacking an accompanying .spec so I
>> cannot see how attribution has been worked out.
> The spec file is in the latest patch in #40184 which I will
> commit as soon as I can (the speed of RT permitting :/).
> Unless there is some problem with the CC license or
> unattributed graphics (e.g. no license public domain)?
> Do all graphics have to be GPL and GPL only?

It would be extremely convenient if everything were GPL.  Mixed licenses 
are possible but then we need to change COPYING and other files to make 
it clear.  Dual-license is fine; if you can get the original authors to 
release the graphics under multiple licenses.

Public domain files are fine to include as GPL.


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