Andreas Røsdal wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jun 2008, Jason Dorje Short wrote:
>> Andreas Røsdal wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> Here is a new demo of the Freeciv web client:
>>> The game is almost playable, with authentication support and a custom 
>>> pubserver. You can use the normal keyboard shortcuts from the GTK+
>>> version. Only the left mouse button is useful, since browsers don't 
>>> allow
>>> overriding the right mouse button.
>>> It works with Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera. It currently works best
>>> with a recent Firefox version. It also works with Internet Explorer 
>>> 7+ if you have Silverlight installed, through excanvas.
>>> Note that my bandwidth is quite limited, which could make loading 
>>> times quite high. Let me know if this works for you. It isn't quite 
>>> the google-maps experience yet :-)
>> Very nice indeed.
>> But why doesn't it use ggz!
> GGZ would be ideal for this, but it is more complex, and it doesn't have 
> a HTTP interface and doesn't support launching civclients...

What's needed is a server-side library that can interface with your code 
(i.e., the http interface).  Speaking of which, where is your code?


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