Follow-up Comment #2, bug #13843 (project freeciv):

This new submenu lists all buildable base types - ruleset can specify
arbitrary number of them. This is quite similar to "Change Government"

Having almost duplicate entries for fortresses and airbases is far from
optimal. Nobody has yet come out with good suggestion how to handle this in a
better way. We cannot reserve keys for all possible base types, so items in
"Build Base" menu have none. Inreased moddability should not make use of
default ruleset harder, so Fortress and Airbase in default ruleset should
keep their keys ('f' & 'e'). Old entries under "Orders" menu refer to these.
Also, clients other than gtk have no generic base building possibility
similar to "Build Base" menu.
Entries under "Build Base" build exactly the selected base type. "Build
Fortress" and "Build Airbase" on the other hand build first available base
type that has gui-type "Fortress" or "Airbase", respectively. "First
available" may depend on terrain, unit type, known technologies... So it's
even possible that if you have several focus units and select "Build
Fortress", some of the focus units start building "Fortress" and others

Hope this helps to understand current situation.


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