Follow-up Comment #5, bug #13843 (project freeciv):

Sorry, Marko. I suppose I should have given more info so that you could

* with a unit capable of it, build a fortress (either with new "Build Base >
Fortress" or with old "Build Fortress")
* after fortress is built, now look at available commands for the same unit
on that tile
** "Fortress" under "Build Base" is insensitive
** "Build Fortress" is still sensitive

The above also applies to Airbase.

The above steps should show the inconsistency:
1) The new commands reflect whether the base type can be built by the unit as
well as whether there is already a base of that type on the current tile.

2) The old commands only reflect whether the unit has the "technical" ability
to build, not whether there is already a base of that type present on the
current tile.

My patch changed the check for the old commands so that their sensitivity was
the same as for the new commands under the "Build Base" menu.


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