Follow-up Comment #1, bug #14037 (project freeciv):

So this is not the wanted behaviour? I thought it strange,
that the boot in gna #14017 was teleported to an (inland)

What would be possible action which result in a change of
the homecity of a unit?

1. unit is in a city and it should be the new homecity
   => unit stays in this city

2. unit is bribed; homecity should be changed to the
   nearest city of the new owner?
   => unit stays there it is

3. a city is disbanded due to building a settler unit
   => change homecity of the units supported by this city
      to the nearest city (or kill all units?)
   => units stay there they are (or the next possible tile
      _within_ city radius there it can survive) this is
      important for allied units!
   => to far away units (from the old or new homecity?)
      are killed

4. a city is disbanded due to migration
   => like 3.

5. a city is bribed
   => that happens to the units? [never done this]
   => units supported by this city and at the city tile
      are also bribed (at the cost to the bride cost?)
   => units supported by this city change homecity to
      the nearest city 
   => units allied to the old owner are scattered within
      the city radius (like partisans)

Is this list correct? Are there actions missing?


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