Follow-up Comment #10, bug #14037 (project freeciv):

I updated some low level functions for this patch. Please apply the following
two patches:

> transfer_unit() should: 
>  - If unit can still exist in the tile, or is in transport, it is not moved

>  - If unit would die in current tile and it can move to adjacent tile where
it can exist, move it there (consistent behavior to terrain changes under
>  - If unit would die and cannot move to adjacent tile, kill it. If it was
GameLoss unit, player loses 
>  But the question: Do we already know if unit can exist at the tile? City,
we are removing, may still exist when transfer_unit() is called, causing
can_exist_to_tile() to always return TRUE.

This should be taken care of using the two patches mentioned above

(file #6482)

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