Follow-up Comment #1, bug #13946 (project freeciv):

I prefer the solution similar to the first one proposed.  If any unit could
be assigned to follow any other unit it is capable of following (land units
follow land units, sea units follow sea units, etc), this would have a
broader application than just escorting/defense.

For example, when you have to move a large army from one point to another
point which requires scrolling, you currently select one unit, scroll, click,
get focus on the next unit, scroll, click, and repeat over and over again.  

As for the issue of matching speed to the slowest unit, this wouldn't need to
be coded.  The player could simply accomplish this by making faster units
follow slower units (i.e. transport follows battleship).  That way someone
would also have the option of just sending all units to one place without
caring how quickly they arrive.


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