Follow-up Comment #5, bug #13946 (project freeciv):

I think that the idea of "make a group, go at the speed of the slowest" and
"assign a leader to follow" are roughly analogous in terms of what they would
deliver to gameplay, I just prefer the second because it is more versatile.  I
wouldn't mind at all if, for the sake of simplicity, a unit could only have
one leader at a given time, and a leader unit could not follow another unit. 
I don't think that freeciv really benefits from the sort of formation you
described from RIS.

So long as one leader could have multiple followers, and any unit could be a
leader unit (including units owned by another player, whether hostile or
allied, although naturally if following a hostile player you'd kill it as
soon as you tried to enter the same square), the flexibility I'm looking for
would be there.  I'd rather that the leader-follower link was only broken
manually or if the leader died/was disbanded (which should issue a warning,
perhaps); that seems easier to manage than if it could be dissolved
automatically under certain circumstances.

We might be over-engineering this...

Although another thing I was thinking of, in terms of groups, which would be
handy, is a 'rally point'.  It would be nice to select a square and have all
new units of a particular type go to that square as soon as they were built. 
It would be useful when you're building up an army from cities all around your


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