Follow-up Comment #4, bug #13946 (project freeciv):

Ann, I think you've hit upon the can of worms that may have prevented this
feature coming to fruition yet.  I see these as separate concerns that might
be addressable the same way, but let's identify them, because I think the
best solution could turn out to be separate ones:

1. Escort weak units.  (my top priority)  In this situation, a chain is
overkill and inappropriate.  I merely want to do something like assign a
musketeer to each worker in a war zone so I don't get 43 automated workers
butchered because they keep getting sniped by weak units.

2. Send groups of units (armies, fleets, squadrons) places together as if
they were one unit.  (also important to me)  With this ability, you could
have an offensive group, a defensive group, and a fort-building group, and
have only three groups to move for a fully decked out, well-defended strike
force, for example.  Move your alpine troops to Point X and fortify them. 
Move your Cannons to Point X, confident that their defense is better than 1. 
...and that's for when you're feeling fancy.  Once you get enough military
momentum, you can just barrel over the globe with offensive units.  Again, I
don't think chains are necessary here.  I think we really just want to group
some units and move the group as if it were a unit.

I think your suggested restriction of same-medium units is very appropriate
in both cases, of course.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, another favorite game, makes use of
escort during combat, and it allows you to chain them.  The practical
application of it is not really to escort a unit as much as it is to manage a
formation.  The default is that the fleet has a leader, and everyone else
escorts that leader; however, units faster than the leader match the leader's
speed, and slower units just fall behind.  Sometimes you want to split the
formation into smaller formations, and that works just fine.  Chaining is
rarely (if ever) useful, but it's sometimes fun.  Due to the placement of
most ships' firing arcs, a fluid chain of ships is simply less effective in
most situations....  Nonetheless, I will have to see how they chose to deal
with the user trying to set the leader of the convoy to escort the trailer. 
(Some research is very fun - hee hee.)

Thank you for keeping this discussion interesting!  I look forward to this
leading to another very cool feature or two appearing in the fabulous


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