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I think it would be acceptable for B to follow A and for C to follow B, and
so on, so long as A didn't follow Z (the end of the following chain).  I
would think that would just be a matter of having a check to see if it is
possible to follow a unit, which would have to recursively check the unit
that the leader might be following.

More of a challenge, I think, is agreeing on unfollow behavior.  I think we'd
all agree that it should be possible to manually unfollow, ideally not with
having to click on each unit individually (although that should also be an
option), but also for the entire square or by clicking on the leader (a handy
option if you want to get rid of all followers for the leader).

But what happens when the leader moves out of range (for instance boards a
transport), or dies?  In the first case I'd expect the units would just
sentry or otherwise sit still until they have the opportunity to follow
again, assuming they couldn't also board the transport.  In the case of death
there's likely to be some disagreement--some people might like the units to
follow a similar unit, whereas others might prefer that the follow chain be
broken, or that the followers follow the leader their leader was following
(if such a unit exists).  I can see arguments for all possibilities; my
personal preference would be to follow the leader's leader if possible, and
to stop following (with a warning message) otherwise.

What I currently have as my workaround is to only send units to places I can
see without scrolling.  That's not nearly as tedious, it just requires
clicking in the same spot many times. If they are on a railroad and can reach
that square in the same turn, I just skip on to the next.  Then I move them
further in a subsequent turn, when all have assembled at the new spot.  This
means it often takes me many more turns to attack than is strictly required,
but I'm lazy so I'd rather do this than scroll.  I find it hard to manage by
type, as you suggested, as I currently have multiple armies at work in
different areas at the same time. 


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