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> Follow-up Comment #1, bug #14452 (project freeciv):
> Possible guidelines:
> 1) Never allow building of buildings replaced by active wonder
> 2) Always allow building of buildings replaced by active wonder
> 3) Allow building buildings replaced by active wonder that will obsolete at
> some point
> We should go by 2. Wonder might be in a city that player knows (s)he will
> eventually be unable to defend.

What about when you can already see you are going to loose some city
to the enemy and it contains the wonder? One might want to build
replacement buildings before the city falls.

Another issue is with wonders and buildings that don't quite do the

- a power plant is worse than the Hoover Dam.
- a solar plant (galactic ruleset) is better than the Hoover Dam.

In general a wonder and a building might have overlapping effects but
not identical effects.

So having local buildings override the wonder or the wonder override
the building are both unsatisfactory. It would be nice if the effects
of the wonder and building would be merged, e.g. take the maximum of
each effect the wonder and bulding have in common.

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