Update of bug #14452 (project freeciv):

             Assigned to:                    None => pepeto                 
                 Summary: Wonders binding other buildings effects  => Ruleset
building help doesn't fit the real requirements


Follow-up Comment #6:

Checked building cathedrals with Michelangelo's Chapel.  It appears that you
can actually still build cathedrals.  But, you need a temple in the city. 

reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Tech", "Monotheism", "Player"
      "Building", "Temple", "City"

However, the help text says:

helptext        = _("\
A Cathedral makes 3 unhappy citizens content in a city, making it\
 easier to maintain order in that city.  The discovery of Theology\
 increases the effect of a Cathedral, making an additional unhappy\
 citizen content.  The discovery of Communism lessens the effect of\
 a Cathedral, reducing by one the number of unhappy citizens made\

So the help text not updated after rev #8580 by Per.  Other related problems
are with research lab and any spaceship stuff.

Now that 2.1 is released for a long time, it looks impossible to change the
help text.  So 2 solutions looks possible:
* Revert the changes of rev #8580 in S2_1.
* Leave this bug.

What do you prefer as solution?


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