Follow-up Comment #2, bug #14452 (project freeciv):

I would suggest a modification of 2, namely that the player can always choose
to build the building, but that it will never be automatically chosen for
building if the city worklist runs out.  I've always found it quite annoying
when a city decides to start building barracks despite the fact that I have
Sun Tzu's War Academy--it's just not a logical thing to do.

It might also be nice to give a visual clue to the player that the buildings
are currently not useful.  Rather than the crossed-out name that you see
currently with cathedrals (which suggests that it can't be built) it could
perhaps be somewhat lighter in colour, or in italics, etc.  Another option
would be to have an option like the 'show future options', ie 'show buildings
made redundant by wonders'.


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