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Attaching another Moroccan nation, received over email. One note: We cannot
use the legend since it's lifted from Wikipedia.

I'm QABBA Zakaria from Morocco, I like very much freeciv, but i don't find
morocco nation in the game. Me and my firends got the idea to create our
nation and send it to you so you can put it into the official freeciv, in
order that all moroccans can play with their nation, and under the king they
like. I have taken the history of morocco from the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia, and the towns too, including numedian, andalusian and modern ones
(they all still exist), our most famous kings and their nominations under
diffrent governement types. i created the flag and the flag shield, and added
morocco to my client freeciv successfully!

I hope that you'll add morocco, because I find morocco brother countries as
algeria, tunisia, libia, but not morocco, i find this not normal.

I send the message to you, if you are not the responsable who updates
nations, please forward it to the responsable and accept my excuse.

Best regards and sincere salutations.

QABBA Zakaria

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