Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1391 (project freeciv):

The attached patch shows the current state of this patch. It does:

* mapimg command (define, show, delete map image definitions & create map
* it uses the ImageMagick C-binding Magickwand if available; fallback are ppm
* save / restore map image definitions in the savegame
* bash script which creates animations from saved map image files (using
convert from ImageMagick and ffmpeg)
* create csv files with statistical data for each turn
* save playercolor within civscore.log file
* new binary to generate map images and csv files for savegames

* yesterday I found the files ./clients/colors_common.c and
./data/misc/colors.tilespec. The struct color and also the color definitions
within the colors.tilespec file should be used. I plan to move the color
definition for the terrains into terrain.ruleset as done within the patch
(new capability needed?!) and split the remains of the file into
playercolors.spec (with 32 colors from score.c) and gamecolor.spec (all the
other color definitions).
* Within ./client/overview_commen.c similar functions as in server/mapimg.c
are defined. Perhaps some code can be reused.
* The patch will be splitted into small parts.
* Perhaps create versions for S2_1 and S2_2 (only the extra binary)?

Attached is an example animated gif image (on a full terrain map cities,
units and borders are show for one player considering known tiles and

Comments welcome! (especially if I missed more files which code I have / will
possible 'recreate')

(file #7660, file #7661)

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