Follow-up Comment #7, patch #1391 (project freeciv):

The patch I posted here is working but after I had the time to read some
additional code (see comment #5) I found some problems with this approach:

* it needs a new dependency (MagickWand); using for example gtk one can also
create image files (see gdk_pixbuf_save())
* the images would be created by the server; this results in a mess with
regard to some *.spec files. Should colors.tilespec be known by the client
and the server? Does this definition depend on the tileset or not? Terrain
color definitions in the tileset or in the ruleset?

I propose the following solution:

* create a minimal (gtk) client which works as an observer (no gui!)
* its purpose is to write an image of the map for each turn
* it can be started from the server (using fork()) or as standalone binary
which connects to the server as observer
* it also can read a savefile and creates the map images
* one can observe one player or the entire game

I will have to rework a lot of code for this. Before I start I would like to
know how you think about this topic.


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