Follow-up Comment #8, patch #1391 (project freeciv):

time for a little status report:

I used the stub client (with some functions from the gtk client) for the new
mapimg client. After the server is running it can be started as:

./civ.x --gui mapimg -a -s mattsys -n o1

It will autoconnect as player, drop the player status and switch to global
observer. While the game is running it will create a map image for each turn.
Most of this is hardcoded.


* a console similar to the one of the server for this client (for this
console.(c|h) was moved to ./common); here some hints how this is / should
working would be helpfull
* remove the dependency on ImageMagick (MagickWand); use gtk instead (see
* some speedup of the image creation
* cleanup of the code is needed
* the ./civ script (see ./bootstrap/ does not allows to start
different clients. My version (civ.x) uses a bad hack to allow the start of
different clients. I will send this as a bug shortly.

(file #7846, file #7847)

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