On Mon, 11 Jan 2010, Matthias Pfafferodt wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1391 (project freeciv):
> The attached patch shows the current state of this patch. It does:
> Attached is an example animated gif image (on a full terrain map cities,
> units and borders are show for one player considering known tiles and
> fogofwar).
> Comments welcome! (especially if I missed more files which code I have / will
> possible 'recreate')

Hello Matthias,

This patch for generating a animated statistics from a game
is exactly a feature I've been looking for, to generate
post-game statistcs for http://www.freeciv.net/

I'd like to use this functionality to create an animated .gif
to be displayed on the website after the game is finished.

Do you have any ideas, plans, or code, for how to trigger your scripts
properly once a game has ended, so that the resulting animated .gif
will be related to game statistics in a database?

I've found something similar here:
Are you the creator of this project also? If so, do you mind
sharing the source code? Are all these statics automated?
I think we should cooperate on this functionality, since
I'd like something very similar.

On a related note, the Freeciv web client could be used to replay
whole games, as well. This would involve setting up an observer
player, which stores JSON in a database, which is then replayed
to other players when they want a replay.

Andreas R.

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