Follow-up Comment #4, patch #1249 (project freeciv):

Looks good. I've got a few comments.

When looking for Arab city names I found out cities that end on -a depending
on the source end on -a or -ah. For example, I ecnountered both Balansiyyah
and Balansiya and both Tulaytulah and Tulaytula, I figured it depended on the
transliteration system that is used and thought it was best to be consistent
and decided to use the h-less version for every time. Please ask Zakaria if
that is correct, and if Al-Amiriah shouldn't become Al-Amiria then.

Furthermore in the legent 'Al-Andalus were' should become 'Al-Andalus was'.

I've uploaded the Castilian and Leonese mentioned under the civilwar_nations
(, Asturians have been uploaded earlier
by another user (


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