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In fact, it's my personal transliteration sytem to use -ah ending for some
cities names, because they really do in arabic (and pronounced consonnent H
at the end), and -ae for others because the end with long -à sound, like
Azzahrae. So, it's correct to use Al-Amiria instead of Al-Amiriah and Azzahra
instead, so to make it easy.

I remark that Aljéziras is transliterated to Al-Jazira al-Hadr, in fact it
is Al-Jazira al-Khadra, or Al-Jazira al-Khadrae, that means The green Island.
"KH" is the transliteration of the phoneme 'J' in spanish like 'José' and
'Julio' !

Al-Basit is Al-Basita, that means the expansed land, 
Jayyan is Jayyana,

you can add:
"Bald Al-Walid", that is Valadoville city, 
"Banu Abbad" ( an emirate of the Abbad family, I met spanish peopole having
Abbad as Family name!)
"Al-Hulafae" that is Huelva, that means the Allied (Kings)
"Melilya (mountains, ocean), that is in morocco like Sabta 
"Qachtala", i have andalusian friend having "Qachtoule" as family name!

I hope you like my contributions !


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