El dom, 14-02-2010 a les 10:29 +0100, Daniel Markstedt escribió:

> Hi Xuacu,
> I for one am still looking forward to ast.po - please share it when
> you feel it's good enough, but not as late as you forget about it. ;)

I'll do it! It's just delayed, not forgotten ;)

> I guess that if we want to use Launchpad's translation amenities, we'd
> have to move the whole source tree there too?

I'm just a translator, but as far as I know Launchpad may be used for a
full developement or just for translations, bug handling or answers.
I've seen also "downstream translations" (e.g. Ubuntu packages) which
are translated in a Launchpad tree for a given release and merged
upstream for the later release.


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